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The really great thing about a blog is the open communication. Fortunately, I have so many topics awaiting attention, I could write about strata life endlessly. I have had many, many requests for help and direction.As I know only too well, privacy is very important to some readers. In order to blog about those topics most important to readers and to optimize the blog to suit everyone, I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to subscribe to the blog.In this way, I can better gauge where I should focus my attention while at the same time protecting my content and your privacy. It’s nice to know my blog has a value for strata owners and presently, I have no way to track it….so if you like Strata 101, please SUBSCRIBE

5 comments on “If You Find Strata101 Helpful……
  1. Roy Nagel says:

    Three of us have been battling for more than a year to get the council leadership of our bare land strata to adhere to provisions of the Act and Regulations, and are dealing with bullying, demonizing, name-calling in e-mails, denial of information, obstructionist tactics, stonewalling on records requests and nomination and proxy-stacking at AGMs.
    The latest tactic by the council leaders is to require owners to put all but “urgent” requests or comments in an on-site drop box, which discriminates against owners of undeveloped lots who do not live in the community. We’re ignoring the dictum and arguing against it.
    I believe other members of council are intimidated into going along with the two or three dominant people on the council, and we’ve been focusing on (a) making our case, point by point, citing provisions of the Act, and (b) trying to make the common-sense and fairness argument stick. It’s a long road.

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  2. Dianne Bond says:

    The same tactics are used by councils in my strata corporation and throughout the strata agency industry. Shockingly, such universal tactics are developed by strata lawyers, CHOA, and membership in management industry associations.


  3. Susan B. says:

    What are your thoughts on the CRT that just started recently? I live in a Strata that has one council member on council for 20 years, another on for 10 You can imagine the consequences. They will not step down and seem to have a core group that nod whenever they speak at the AGM. The other council members follow like sheep.


    • stratalife says:

      Thanks for reading the blog Sue. Long serving council members can represent an apathetic group of owners who see no value in changing the status quo. It is not so much that these two members will not step down as much as it they are not being challenged by new faces and new interests. It is not up to the other council members at all – it is up to the owners. The council members determine the executive.
      No one wants to do the work of maintenance and governance. Have you ever put your hat in the ring? I would strongly encourage you to do so. Fresh perspectives are always a good thing. Talk to other owners as well. Get yourselves nominated. You may be surprised how owners vote when there are new names to consider especially if you have been drawing attention to issues you feel strongly about. I find most owners do not have the courage to be the first to challenge status quo but will gladly vote for someone else who does. Also, are these two council members problematic or just lifers because it takes a lot to volunteer to serve your neighbours. Often it can be rather thankless.


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