You know you have a dysfunctional Strata Council when:

1) …less than 50% of the owners bother to attend the Annual General Meeting

2)…owner questions and concerns are not addressed directly but rather through council meeting minutes – if at all

3)…Council members state they are too busy to familiarize themselves with either the Strata Property Act or  corporation bylaws and then consistently breach the Act and contravene bylaws

4)…Council members refuse some owners the right to attend strata council meetings as observers while letting other owners attend -with voice-when Council wants consensus on a decision.

5)…property management uses Minutes to absolve itself of responsibility for Council decisions

6)…Council members regularly socialize with each other and their spouses in a public environment and discuss business within earshot of other owners/tenants/guests

7)…Council members do not regularly communicate with owners during a major remediation project

8)…Council members complain about the amount of personal time required to serve on Council but Minutes indicate meetings are neither  scheduled nor fully attended

9)…Council members do not understand the differences between Common Property/ Limited Common Property and so regularly make decisions that benefit some owners at the expense of other owners

10)…misinterpret the Privacy Act in order to breach the Strata Property Act  to avoid accountability because Council members believe owners won’t litigate.

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One comment on “You know you have a dysfunctional Strata Council when:
  1. advocate says:

    11) the Strata Council will not allow other owners to observe its meetings,

    12) the Strata Council minutes are laundered to exclude facts that may be embarrassing to the Strata Council,

    13) the owner developer sits on the Strata Council but does not excuse himself from Council discussions as required by section 32 of the SPA.


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