Swamp Life

So I reviewed my strata files today. I generally don’t like delving into that quagmire but with an AGM approaching it’s best I re-acquaint myself with the politics in my swamp.

I’m one of those owners who likes to know about what is going on in my corporation. Apparently, I’m odd at best or vexing at worst because I expect some form of accountability from Council. But, accountability seems to be the playground of paid experts while volunteers cannot be held to any standard save their own. My Council operates with “do as I say, not as I do” school of thought. They are behaving like omnipotent children rather than responsible adults.

But I digress.

Providing owners with financial statements is a provision in the Strata Property Act. Asking for financials does not mean an owner mistrusts how money is spent; it is simply fiscally responsible. In my opinion, Council spending corporation money to avoid providing these documents is called something else.

Just because individuals volunteer to serve on Council does not mean they intend to serve every owner as much as it means they intend to serve their own interests at the expense of every other owner. Observing errors and omissions and drawing attention to them is reasonable isn’t it? Threatening owners with court applications if they don’t stop corresponding with council or property management is laughable were it not for the fact the corporation is spending money for these legal boondoggles.

I have served on Council when the needs of each owner were balanced with the needs of all owners. I have served on Council when what was reasonable trumped any personal feelings I may have had for a particular situation. Always, we used the legislation and our own corporate bylaws to be fair and equitable. Often we had lengthy and heated dialogues before we reached consensus but we always came to a group decision.

The present group of individuals on our Council represent everything distasteful about strata government and maintenance. Ignorance might be bliss to them but its a detriment to those of us in the know.

Well, as one famous swamp dweller once stated,” Change is good…” Maybe it’s time to get back on the donkey.

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2 comments on “Swamp Life
  1. Dianne Bond says:

    Thank you for your blog. What you say is so true where I live in Coquitlam.


  2. louise lemieux says:

    I have a feeling you live in my building… maybe we should talk. You are not alone.


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