How is a Strata Council Member Similar to an MP?

So politicians don’t want to explain their expenses. There must be something in the coffee all across the political realm.Remember I said I was revisiting my Strata minutes in preparation for the Annual General Meeting? Seems I was presumptuous.

Our fiscal year end is on March 31, 2010. We MUST have an AGM within 60 days of that fiscal year end. I guess not.

It’s May 20, 2010 and I actually just got Minutes last night from a Strata Council meeting that took place in April.  Those minutes also advised me of the next Strata Council meeting to take place in June. HMMMM! Guess my right to elect a new Council is not as important as the present Council’s desire to….shall we say, obfuscate?

Remember I mentioned the difficulties I have had securing financial statements? Council instructs me to correspond with it only through the property manager. The property manager only acts on Council direction regardless of whether or not Council is misinformed, perpetuating personal agendas, or just plain uneducated. So, the property manager won’t give me financials because Council will only speak to me through attorneys.Apparently the property manager is protected under that legal umbrella as well if Council says so. Cute eh?!

It seems asking for financials means I’m spewing accusations of impropriety at a an integrity based  quad of volunteers. Never mind financial statements are supposed to lend accountability and integrity to  asset management.

Financial statements are an x-ray of the accounting processes required to maintain the Common Property of a Strata Corporation. The same statements are tangible indicators of just how the Council and property manager are performing their responsibilities. Afterall, checks and balances keep everyone honest unless of course you connive  – oops, I mean aspire-to a lesser ideal.

Financial statements allow strata owners to make decisions about their investment. My Council seems to think financial disclosure is a good ransom for compliance. If I complain about issues relevant to me particularly, or the corporation generally, the Council refuses to provide me with financial statements. If I’m persistent, manage to get a financial statement from last summer and  question an expenditure,  I am accused of mistrust and refused access to documents unless I promise not to question expenditures made by my “tireless, burdened, volunteer Council” ever again. Apparently my attempts to get clarity from the incompetents on Council causes great boo-hooing and hurt feelings. WHAT?!

The thing is when a Council governs by contravening the Strata Property Act and its own bylaws then it is ineffective and lacking integrity. My Council is baiting me to take them to court. I’m sure they believe the costs of holding them to account will deter me from pursuing accountability. That deserves a little chuckle. You see, I won’t add insult to injury to the silent majority  of owners around me because I figure they are already victims of their own apathy and they will pay enough when a light is shone on Council’s various errors and omissions. No I’ll go after the four egos who believe  they have unlimited authority to be stupid with my asset.

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