The Commonality of Governance

It’s fall. Change is in the air. Autumn is definitely my favourite time of the year.

Here in BC our premier is back from a European sojourn and the cabinet has met to discuss the business of governance and damage control. It would seem despite the public vitriole, Mr.Campbell is extremely confident about his leadership -especially with the full support of his cabinet. I guess the rest of the Liberal MLA’s   and the vocal public don’t matter.

My strata cabal must be monitoring Mr. Campbell’s government very closely because honestly, some days I am unable to tell where one ends and the other begins.

From everything I’ve read over the summer, the voting public is outraged about the HST. Taxes always feel more negative than positive however I believe the thing that has really stoked the fires of public anger was the silence prior to the election and the immediate implementation of the HST following the election.

It’s so Machiavellian.

My Council is no different from our present  provincial government. Owners, like the voting public are not supposed to question governance. We are supposed to just sit around and accept the Council  knows oh so much more than we do  (nevermind most of them are just volunteers). Actually the  Council, like the government on election day, count on the vast majority of undecideds to stay at home and keep their mouths shut so the status quo can remain the same.

Trouble occurs when some owners see the misrepresentations perpetuated by the more arrogant members of Council and attempt to call them on it. It is absolutely amazing the depth of cow manure some of my neighours are willing to swallow when they are ignorant. Well, in my world if it smells like manure it doesn’t really matter how you attempt to disguise it, it is cow manure. So it goes with the HST and CP Rail debacles.

The Premier’s spots were  glaringly obvious to smart voters who have consistently stayed away from being blinded by the superficial Liberal propaganda. In my strata some of the owners aren’t so smart for even though a questionable Council directive may not effect the majority of owners, the precedent is set for abusing authority if it remains unquestioned. Once a strata council realizes it can push the legislation it will do so at every opportunity. So as long as the Council allows some owners to contravene bylaws for a benefit, those owners will keep their mouths shut and protect the Council with their votes. This of course is called lobbying in government. In Strata Corporations it called,”youscratchmybackandI’llscrtach yours”.

When Mr. Campbell won his third term he must have been feeling smug indeed. Sadly, his escapades  indicate he forgot why the Liberals even got the chance to govern in the first place. In my strata, the owners benefiting from Council abusing the legislation and our corporation bylaws are feeling pretty secure  right now following our comedic AGM. My Council, I know, is feeling invincible. Of course they stacked  their numbers with yes men and sycophants so their re-election was a sure thing. Like Mr. Campbell though the individuals are too puffed up with their own self-importance to see the storm clouds moving in. Hubris, right?

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