Yes BC Strata Owners, there is a Strata Property Act

(Today’s blog acknowledges the  public correspondence between Virginia O’Hanlon and Francis Pharcellus Church) 

Dear Strata101: I am a strata unit owner.Some of my strata neighbours behave as if there is no accountability or responsibility required for living within a strata corporation. I read your blog and would value any insight you could provide. Please tell me if the Strata Property Act really exists.

Strata Owner

Dear Strata Owner:

Strata Owner, your neighbours are wrong to behave as though there were no law. They have been affected by the idea that rules and regulations are for everyone else. Your neighbours do not respect laws except when the contents of their wallets are up for grabs. They believe only what they want to believe in the most self-serving way. All home owners, Strata  Owner, no matter their age, gender or political affiliation believe they are masters of their own domain. In the lower mainland there are many strata corporations  and this should make it very clear to you why the government went ahead with legislation to help strata corporations govern and maintain their communities collectively. Most strata owners could care less about contributing to their mini-municipalities because they delude themselves into thinking that shutting the door on community living affords them rights to splendid and blissful  isolation.

Yes, Strata Owner, there is a Strata Property Act. It exists because when you share expenses for community property there must be equitable and reasonable standards and expectations for every owner.  Could you just imagine how contentious living in a strata corporation would be if there were no Strata Property Act? It would be every strata owner for himself. There would be no proper maintenance then, no governance, no sense of community to make tolerable strata living. Strata Corporations would become shantytowns and projects and the lower mainland would become a borough. The concept of community living would be extinguished.

Not believe in the Strata Property Act! You might as well not believe in lawyers or property management! You might very well live in a strata corporation that behaves in a lawless manner but that does not prove there is no Strata Property Act.  The most obvious things in the world are those that neither strata owners nor strata councils bother to learn. Did you ever see strata owners meeting to discuss the Strata Property Act as if they were having some social party? Of course not, but that’s no proof that the Strata Property Act doesn’t exist. Nobody can conceive or imagine all the wonders and truths within the pages of the Strata Property Act.

You might be intimidated by the misrepresentations churned out by your uneducated neighbours on Council Strata Owner, but strata living is indeed governed by rules and regulations every strata owner must abide by no matter the deception and posturing of armchair politicians in your strata. Only knowledge can stand against ignorance Strata Unit Owner. Is it all real? Ah, Strata Owner, in all strata corporations throughout BC, there is nothing else real and abiding but the Strata Property Act.

No Strata Property Act! Thank you BC government! It exists, and it’s legislation so it is the law of the land. A thousand years from now, Strata Owner, it will continue to make strata corporations accountable to a higher ideal of justice and fair play. You must believe!

Merry Christmas,



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