Successful Strata New Years Resolutions or Bust?

Happy New Year!

Last year I wrote a wish list based upon my strata experience. I had a few readers suggest I was wasting my time but I believed intentions were important and eagerly anticipated my wishes coming true throughout 2010.

I thought it might be fun to revisit my wish list and determine whether there was hope for this year or if I should wallow in disillusionment….

I had some wishes for Council members namely: accountability and education. Not to be. The old crew managed to save their necks at the AGM. Owners were duped again or were they just getting what they deserved?

I had hoped the Council would stop blaming property management for its errors and omissions but that would require property management to actually do its job.  To save the door count management simply shrugged and hid behind the old, “we were only following direction by council”rhetoric. Talk about perpetuating ignorance and waste!

Professionalism? Colossal failure.

Financial disclosure and transparency? Forget about it!

Bylaw enforcement? Partial. The only bylaw enforced in my corporation is the one that says pay up on or before the first of the month. Everything else is a waste of paper.

Assistance from owners who might know something about maintenance and government? Absolutely no way.

Council speaking with one voice? Misinformation is more fun and manipulative.

It would appear buyers looking at strata are beginning to embrace “due diligence” as an integral part of the purchase process. Of course, my council cannot control the general public as diabolically as it controls my corporation so I’d have to consider this a small success but a success nonetheless.

I’ve had opportunity to deal with a few realtors who encouraged my confidence. That is a big yardstick for hope!

Our corporation did get some new volunteers this year but after six months I’m sad to say the newbies are indoctrinated to the point I cannot even distinguish them apart from green thumb and her minions! Sad.

Government may be waking up from its excessive napping on strata issues. This is actually rather invigorating. I’ve signed up to participate in the online survey. If you care about making strata a positive and inclusive experience please register to contribute your input at:

So readers my 2010 wish list is a bust. However I am saved from disillusionment from the insights,knowledge and efforts of a few notable individuals: Suzanne Morphet author of “Stratified” column in The Vancouver Sun; Bob Harper;Deryk Norton;Mike Mangan;Tony Gioventu;Johnny Stork and readers who have kindly shared their thoughts, concerns and encouragement with me.

Despite the murky swamp I call home I believe 2011 will be a very good year and it is my bold intention to contribute robustly to the wonderful world of strata.


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One comment on “Successful Strata New Years Resolutions or Bust?
  1. Advocate says:

    Have you asked Tony Gioventu why CHOA will not cooperate with other strata associations in getting better legislation for strata owners? CHOA has even ignored letters from other associations that have formally suggested such cooperation. Does CHOA really represent owners or is it just, as one commentator has observed, the “condo arm of the real estate industry”? It seems that the VISOA (with support from the PCA) is the only group doing advocacy for strata owners.


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