Bratty Strata Owners ….YOU BET!

Since I began writing this blog I’ve been fortunate to connect with some very “stratawise” individuals. The interesting thing to note here is the fact that all of us are trying to “talkstrata” so that the larger strata community will be encouraged to care and share. It seems the government and the inevitable bureaucratic spinoffs only hear strata owners and their issues when there is a loud collective holler rather than an individual voice.

Generally I find governments, business and yes, corporations are very egocentric and so will go to great lengths to protect their reputations even at the risk of integrity. True, there are individual operators within every organization who work from an ethical, honest position but inevitably they are either forced to  blow the whistle and find alternative work or sacrifice their professionalism and personal integrity to remain employed.

But that’s a discussion for another think tank.

I have discovered that in strata it is best to study government regimes past and present with a healthy dose of documentaries about Enron, Wall Street, and the Mob. I find doing so affords me a degree of objectivity because apparently the past really does just repeat itself over and over and over again.

Strata is a pond of micro-organisms that feed off of one another. Eventually, the water gets murky from all the mutations and the pond becomes a swamp. Swamps are difficult to clean up and very toxic. Only the government can clean it up but swamps are revenue producers and you know how difficult that whole situation can become for government and its numerous strata cling-ons.


That sounds remarkably familiar!

I did my part recently and fired off a letter posing some concerns to the Liberal candidates. The NDP already has too much on their plate just figuring out had to deal with the gender issues and sniping within their own ranks. I didn’t want to add to that yet.

Anyway I wrote to Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon,George Abbott,Mike De Jong, Ed Mayne, and Moira Stilwell.  The only leadership hopeful who responded to me was DRUM ROLL PLEASE: Mike De Jong

Perhaps the candidates didn’t like my letter but I did expect an acknowledgement – concerned citizen yadda yadda. Then I remembered these guys don’t care about what I think for a leadership race. They will most likely file my letter until the actual election. I have a long memory.

Thank you Mike De Jong. Respect to you!

Perhaps I need the clout of the media behind me in order to capture the government’s time like Vancouver Sun’s Suzanne Morphet. But I see even Suzanne raised some ire from strata legal beagles when she shared strata owner disdain for the government’s namby pamby Christmas offering in her last  column:

Some readers want to return housing minister’s ‘gifts’.

Strata lawyers may consider owner griping on the issue “bratty” or “premature” but to say anything else would be a conflict right? The more convoluted and legalistic the legislation the more legal services are required. Please correct me if I’m wrong….. Anyway it’s my thinking that patience for government intent can be difficult to find while disingenuous government action contributes to bratty,premature assumptions.

Lawyers are hard to get while they are constantly in conflict with so and so who now represents so and so who used to work with me while I was representing you, your council or your corporation. I feel for your issue. I cannot represent you but you need representation……here’s a colleague but he doesn’t come cheap. Blah, blah, blah….

Between public servants ignoring me and expensive lawyers unable to represent me because the status quo is number one priority, I will continue to exercise my right to disagree with the strata status quo where ever I find it. Maybe just maybe some enlightened individual will step up and really listen so that strata owners can believe their concerns are just as important as campaigns,reputations and jurisprudence are to politicians, strata associations and lawyers.

In the meantime GET INVOLVED. Talk to each other; talk to your M.L.A.; bend the ears of the associations – -that’s what they are there for after all. Roll up your sleeves and get into the information at your disposal. Government, the legal system and more than likely your neighbours on  council count on your ignorance to practice avoidance. Strata owners should be as angry over their treatment by government as the general public was over fast ferries, bingo-gate, H.S.T and the list goes on and on.

If you like being referred to as bratty and premature in your thought process then hop aboard the ignorance train and enjoy destination bliss. I’ll skip the trip,dust off my copy of Great Expectations and prepare for battle.

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2 comments on “Bratty Strata Owners ….YOU BET!
  1. Advocate says:

    Look under What’s New at for responses (or non-responses) from BC Liberal candidates to a question from the VISOA.


  2. Jason Morris says:

    It’s always interesting to learn which politicians are writing back. It does take some a long time, though. And the next thought is, is the response a cookie cutter form letter or something that demonstrates thought was given to your concerns…


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