Mike DeJong’s response for those who asked

Hello,Thank you for your e-mail. We have received several e-mails from strata owners like yourself, clearly indicating that this is an area of concern for many residents of the province. And hearing from British Columbians is what the Open Mike campaign is all about. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the Strata Property Act or all of the issues associated with it. But I do know that unless we set priorities, it is unlikely that anything will change. So what I would ask is that the Strata Owners Association get together and decide on the top 3 priorities for reform. It is important to limit this to the top 3, and further prioritize the proposed reforms as first, second, and third in importance. When this approach has been taken in the past, it has been successful – whether it is a community deciding on infrastructure requests or a resource industry requesting legislative or policy reforms. If there are 10 priorities, it just won’t get done.        In closing, thank you again for writing and I encourage you and other strata owners to get involved in the BC Liberal Party before Feb 4 so you will have a direct say in the election of the next Premier on Feb 26. Only those who are members will be able to vote.

You can join online here http://www.mikedejong.com/get-involved/join-the-bc-liberals/

Thank you– Mike de Jong Campaignwww.mikedejong.com1 (855) 280-6453 Facebook: MikedeJong.bcTwitter: @Mike_de_Jong Join the BC Liberal team and support Mike.

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One comment on “Mike DeJong’s response for those who asked
  1. Advocate says:

    Unfortunately, Mike de Jong doesn’t get it. It would be a major disappointment for strata owners if a new leader changed only 3 things. Three dozen changes might be a good start. If Mike listened better as an MLA these past few years he would know this.


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