Strata Science=Monkeys and Bananas

After I became a parent I also became interested in behavioral science. Children affect your self-perception so sometimes it is best to study up on what you don’t understand namely how this little person you created is so different from everything you wanted him to be. Parenting is indeed weird science.

But if parenting could be considered a foundational block for behavioural studies where is the science for strata owners? Parenting could actually be part of the problem.

First fact to consider: strata owners are adults.

Second fact: In order to become an adult one must begin as a child. First assumption: parents discipline children so they learn.

Second assumption: the children learn and become functioning, thinking adults.

What really happens when educated adults with mature self-concepts purchase a strata unit? My premise: adults become children and devolve into group think.

To illustrate: consider Harry Harlow, five monkeys and one hanging banana. This experiment was conducted with animals of course because human beings would never willingly allow themselves to be observed behaving like a pack of less intelligent mammals and also because animal rights weren’t exactly de rigour when the experiment took place.

Anyway, the experiment proved group think was a powerful defense against aversion – real or imagined. Based upon my experience in the swamp Mr. Harlow’s experiment is proven over and over again.

Corporate culture is a disease and it is a fair opinion, I believe, that often out dated rules, regulations and processes survive in order to maintain status quo. Corporations and governing bodies are adept at creating loopholes to undermine processes for their own purposes but they rarely change the existing legislation,law or bylaws to serve the public. When change is initiated, it’s done in tiny increments with huge hooplah and little effect because any amendment or change goes through a lengthy, legalistic implementation stage and it’s best to keep the masses asses.

Perhaps you’ve heard strata council members soliloquize their herculean efforts at an AGM? Bet you have. It’s no different than CEO’s masking humble at board meetings and politicians turning sycophant at election time. Bananas!

I bet as a strata owner you might have asked for transparency and accountability or, horrors, evidence of the incredible self-sacrificing hours upon hours of unpaid volunteer efforts made on your behalf? Your neighbours were so nice just before the vote. Here comes the aversion techniqueboondoggle!

I bet you’ve watched owners come and owners go but the same Council manages to blather on the same way at every AGM or SGM. No one ever stands up and says,

Hey wait a minute! This isn’t Victoria and you’re not a Gordon Campbell. This a swamp and you are a volunteer and I want to know why you are taking money for nothing and applying the bylaws to some of the people all of the time. And another thing, why don’t you ever respond to my correspondence?

New aversion tactic for that one owner is threatened legal costs and character assassination through whispering campaigns or common property payola so that newbie owners just automatically fall into line.

But, here’s the thing! Unlike a minimum number of monkeys in a cage, smart strata owners can overwhelm corruption and bullies by collectively voicing their discontent and overcoming aversion techniques. A banana is a banana.

Government hasn’t done anything for strata owners like they have for landlords and tenants. As a matter of fact all the present leadership candidates for both parties have squandered opportunities to roll up their sleeves and do something.The homeowners associations have become territorial and divisive and have lost the power of collective energy. Individual councils have been so unsupervised and unaccountable to any entity that they run the corporations like bullies on a playground.

The most important voice in a strata corporation is the individual owner. It’s not so different from parenting. Let me explain:

  • Your kid takes the vehicle and proceeds to damage the undercarriage by rolling it. What are you going to do? Shrug your shoulders, shake your head and say, “It’s what kids do?”
  • Your kid is being bullied to the extreme at school. What do you do? Shrug your shoulders, shake your head and leave it to the school to deal with because you weren’t there and the school is the authority afterall?
  • Your kid steals from you? What are you going to do? Accept it because”… that’s what happens and I don’t what my kid to hate me?”

If you answered yes to any of those questions congratulations you are part of the “groupthink” that is undermining our society and turning out children who become adults who become strata owners who become council members. Adequate supervision required.

Monkeys and bananas – weird strata science indeed.

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One comment on “Strata Science=Monkeys and Bananas
  1. smilins says:

    OMG, you were at our last Strata meeting!


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