Strata Activism or Strata Moral Clarity?

I consider myself the ogre in my swamp because I stand alone against the strata moral clarity gang(SMCG). It is interesting to note that the SMCG wins swampers to the cause by insisting that I am the negative problem in the pond. I AM THE EVIL DOER. I suppose the enlightened minds in the gang figure their interpretation of what constitutes evil is the only interpretation. Makes sense in terms of  strata moral clarity I suppose.

The thing about democracy is that it requires inalienable individual rights and the freedom to exercise those rights within a legal framework. Now I could spend pages yabbering on about legal injustice but for the point of this particular blog I’ll take the position that the freedom to disagree with another point of view does not make me a negative, evil ogre as much as an educated, thinking ogre. The worst thing for any SMCG member of course is influence that might be exerted by a perceived evil doer upon the swampers. It takes the righteous shine off clarity.

My swamp council has a squeaky mouse who  likes to force her “rightness” not by being right but by bemoaning the “I disagree”. This one squeaks, “Why do you always have to say no?” which of course begs the question, “Why are you so splendidly uninformed?” Rumour has it this one leaves the swamp and makes similar decisions for the “best interests” of the general public. I shudder to think of the ramifications. (I’m reminded of the whole Bush/Cheney thing here.)

So anyway, when errors made by other SMCG members are pointed out to “Squeaky” the response is not a thoughtful consideration of the evidence but rather a piercing sigh and a combination eye/head roll. (Where’s the cat when you need one?) Anyway the actual error is relegated to the backburner because “Squeaky” has donned cheer gear and trills about how wonderful SMCG is and how I’m such a “downer” to the group.

(I’ll point out here that groupthink success is always apparent at an AGM after I have  said a piece and pointed out council ineptitude. Some apathetic owner always stands up and applauds the “hard work” of the SMCG. Can you say nincompoop without thinking of an apathetic strata owner? It would have made a hilarious episode of “Seinfeld”.)

Sorry for the veer off path….

I point out the reasons for my disagreement to the Council. Generally the SMCG has a propensity for a lack of evidence despite decisions that would indicate a requirement for some. Wow…weapons of mass destruction flash!

So I respond with something like, “Listen Squeaky, where’s the cheese or where’d you hide it at least?”

And then this is what I get from the collective: “We don’t have to tell you. We don’t like you. We’ll have our lawyers boondoggle you with your own money. You can’t have the cheese you just have to pay for it.

(Cue nincompoop!)

It is amazing how the SMCG can twist facts and create storyboards for owners to promote their SMCG agendas. The SMCG really believes they are invincible and they are a strong group against the one ogre in their midst. It is actually quite comforting for me to be labelled by the gang because it means I’m problematic to their tenuous leadership and they don’t have the right words to silence my questions. If they were smart and informed they would explain their groupthink in order to win me over. I mean isn’t it a good thing to have an ogre on side?

I guess I need to remind myself of a few things. I have many wise, experienced and educated supporters. They encourage me. Encouragement is a good thing when I have a governing body made up of little  people with very superficial egos and highly questionable thought processes. I really must work tirelessly to educate them for all of us.

If I look back on some of the more ridiculous antics of the SMCG I can see I have actually proven my points and won my arguments. My mistake has been trying to make things fair and equitable for every owner – even the gang. Some lessons are hard to learn.

A ton of people read this blog but don’t share their stories. I wish readers would do so because I can assure you your opinions and concerns are valid and important. Silence will only encourage more gangs and more territories and more confusion for strata owners. Step up. Use this place to agree, disagree or just plain get it off your chest right or wrong. Be an activist rather than a nincompoop!

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2 comments on “Strata Activism or Strata Moral Clarity?
  1. Johnny Stork says:

    Once again I continue to be impressed, and pleased with “StrataQueen’s” well written and informative stories from her “swamp”. I hope to be able to write half as good as StrataQueen one day! We should come up with a catchy acronym for “SWAMP” which speaks to strata living! Anyway, one aspect of these “swamp” stories which troubles me, is the suggestion that her strata council attempts to use litigation frequently against their owners. Possibly in an attempt to quell those few with the courage to be outspoken and to take a stand against blatant Strata Property Act violations or other forms of misconduct. One thing I would like to point out is that YOU the owners have all the control and all it takes is:

    1: Desire to improve things
    2: Willingness to get involved
    3: Courage to stand up for what is RIGHT!
    4: Accurate and relevant legal or professional advice

    Obtaining legal advice is encouraged for anyone living in a strata where they feel that strata council may not be acting in the best interests of the owners. Or, when strata council misconduct or negligence may be causing you harm in some way – especially financial. Getting started with legal advice can cost as little as $25.00 and take less than an hour if you take advantage of the Lawyer Referral Service. Just search Google for “bc lawyer referral service”. Owners should not live in fear of litigation against them from their own strata council so it is important to know your legal rights. Although I am NOT A LAWYER and this should not be considered legal advice, I am betting that the majority of legal efforts on the part of StrataQueens strata council are baseless and simply the typical intimidation tactic which often has the intended effect of scaring people.

    I just wrote a new posting on my own “swamp” blog which might be helpful to strata owners seeking legal advice. It should be posted later today and is titled “Finding a Good Lawyer”.

    Keep up the GREAT work StrataQueen and I also encourage other strata owners to share their positive, as well as negative, experiences with strata living. Many other strata owners can, and will benefit the more we take charge of our own strata destinies and communicate with each other.


  2. smb says:

    As an owner and as a former council member, I am so relieved to find a place where I can share my hopes, strengths, and experiences about strata living. I have the above article to be informative and helpful, and knowing that I am not the only one that has had negative experiences that are part of strata living. Two other words that best describe personality types on strata councils are “Dictators and Nazism” these are strong words, but how else does one describe oppression caused by this style of leadership!!


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