Strata Council Meet Sam Sullivan

This morning started out quiet. An ideal opportunity to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a slow meander through The Vancouver Sun. Lots of commentary about the televised leader’s debate last night and the anticipation for tonight’s hockey game between Vancouver and Chicago made up the bulk of reading material. Then I came across a gem of an article with a subject matter that hits home. Should councillors have any role in arbitrating disputes?.

Finally, and I thank you very much Don Cayo and Sam Sullivan, someone has the balls to address the fact that decisions made in the municipal government or any level of government are made by individuals who do not necessarily have the skills or education to make them. WOW! Let me say that one more time with exhuberance: WOW!

Based upon Mr. Sullivan’s discourse in the article he  was quite disconcerted by the fact he was expected to make very technical decisions  with little, or at best rudimentary, understanding of the subject. Mr. Sullivan was also a little wary of the lobbying that goes on to push a decision based upon a minimal grasp of the information.

It is entirely my opinion of course but after reading and reflecting on Mr. Cayo’s article, I  believe there is something very wrong with how our society “does” government of any kind. Naturally I am led to my window to gaze upon the swamp.

The swamp has a group of individuals “managing” the asset. These individuals are only owners  of course but owners with an elevated sense of entitlement due to their magnificent ability to twist ignorance into something noble. They do not know or care to know why they are “elected” just that they are which in their small minds allows them to think big—grandiose is perhaps the better word.

Like Mr. Sullivan acknowledged, the fact he was elected earned him instant status as an authority on subjects he did not feel fully cognizant about. Apparently, that was not a problem because insiders always have the inside track and are much more adept at wielding power and control than the people actually entrusted to do so. Just get the electorate behind a face and the technocrats will do all the work behind the scenes!

My swamp council are not elected. They keep getting acclaimed every AGM because the owners in my corporation are intimidated or stupid or both. Did I mention laziness? Yeah, that too. Owners are lazy. They do not see the unscrupulous individual owners who make up council as manipulating the collective apathy and ignorance because sycophants are so – well – perfect, at telling owners what they want to hear when owners really need to hear the truth. The truth is so unpleasant isn’t it?

As a citizen I am very aware that politicians say one thing and mean another during the campaign process. There are so many different ways to make excuses with the electorate for performance.  It is even easier when the electorate is  blissfully ambivalent. Most individuals don’t bother to “get up” in the face of big government because they hate that word “responsibility”. For that reason, citizens are exploited and decision-makers are bought because some politicians rely on others to guide their thought processes. In the end, the buck stops with the individual because voters get what voters vote for. I am always incensed by the mouthpieces that complain about government and then proudly belch out that they don’t vote because it’s pointless. What irony eh?

My swamp council has cost my corporation lots of money because they didn’t know what they were doing, demonstrated they didn’t know what they were doing and have the confidence of the owners to continue on not knowing what they are doing because, owners can’t be bothered to take responsibility for the greater asset.

I chuckle at the swamp and all of its inhabitants. I’ve decided I am going to be enormously entertained by the  blindside the swampers are going to get. The council has lied to them you see and I know it and the council knows I know it and the ding-a-ling property manager knows I know too. But I’m only one ogre in a swamp full of idiots-what do I know?!

I’ve written tons of letters pointing out disparity, discrepancy and dishonesty. My council believes I’m the bully which in itself is laughable. What they miss, and what is important to remember: I have documented everything and even though they ignore me because it makes them feel “right” they are wearing irresponsibility like some badge of honour and they will account for it. All government officials eventually do have to acknowledge the moment power and arrogance got the better of them.

I have a right to reasonable, standard of care. Just because council slanders me publicly without presenting my position does not make council right as much as it makes council a manipulative body of ignoramuses governing a bigger body of ignoramuses.

As for Don Cayo’s article…elected officials of any kind must have a demonstrated skill set for the job. I mean look how cronyism impacts the executive branches of federal and provincial governments. How have individual citizens benefitted from that?

The swamp is a regime of little tyrants who strut their stuff with no substance. Apparently,they are awfully good at mimicking public officials. Seems to me, Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne should be required reading, together with presentation of a full resume for both public officials and strata council wannabes alike. Don’t get me wrong; I admire individuals who serve the public and owners who run for council but I expect credentials and a skill set.

I’m paying aren’t I?

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