Strata Council attempts Keats…..NOT

My strata council put all their creative might together and constructed a poem for me. They called it an “ode” but I’m thinking it was just a rather elementary way of dressing up libel. Readers might wonder why I would assert the strata council was the author of the piece. Well, aside from the fact the swamp is rife with apathy, the only group abusive enough of the legislation and swamp bylaws to merit direct correspondence from me would be the governing body.

I guess in my mind the “ode” was a signed piece because who else but an inept council would point out their weakness by describing my strengths in an attempt to make me look stupid?

What is important about this piece of work is that it serves as a rather graphic example of why strata needs dispute resolution that is efficient and economical. What the government is sweeping under the carpet of, “Let’s not and say we did”, is the fact that  self-regulatory legislation is only as good as the regulators. Even in a small strata complex, power becomes a huge temptation which, left untended, becomes a swamp of tyranny.

I look forward to your comments.

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3 comments on “Strata Council attempts Keats…..NOT
  1. Johnny Stork says:

    Much like Hans Christian Andersen’s story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, the flacid and yet undeniably emotional attempt to libel you now that you have moved on, has simply demonstrated more of your strata council’s ignorance, incompetence and fragile ego’s. So the Strata Property Act is filled with useless facts is it? Well my advise to your strata council is to stick to the material that is most suited to their level of intelligence and reading comprehension. Something along the lines of Dr Seuss maybe, or the “funny’s” at the back of the local newspaper. Until such time when strata owners find the collective will and coordinated effort to effect positive change towards a system where Act’s and Regulations are enforceable and incompetent and dangerous strata council members are held accountable, I believe our best weapon is to expose poorly managed strata’s and negligent strata council members – BY NAME. Remember, a libel or slander case dies an immediate death if the statements made/written are true. Even if some statements are not true, slanderous and libelous statements can still be made if a reasonable argument can be made which supports the public’s best interest. Of course we should always make an attempts to resolve issues with our strata council through other, less-public means first. But if that fails, and the owners of a strata are at any risk whatsoever, then exposing every detail of misconduct could be argued as being in the best interest of the public. 🙂

    BTW: I recently heard back from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner that they finished their investigation and EVERYTHING I claimed and subsequently demanded as a response (in accordance with PIPA regulations), is now being forced upon our strata council and the negligent property management company (Dynamic Property Management) who breached owner privacy. I will have a few more blog entries on this, and other new updates, over the next few weeks or so.

    Dynamic Property Management: Formal Privacy (PIPA) Complaint


  2. A perfect turning point of a long story of misinformation, ignorance & frustration. It must feel great to finally be out of there. May the next chapter in your story be the fairytale ending of happiness, peace & bliss, you deserve it after all that you have gone through with your strata group. People could learn a lot from your trials & tribulations and I am sure they would find a lot of value in your story 😉

    All the best ~ G


  3. billy peludo says:

    Not sure if a strata Management company figures in your story but still would be interested in your feedback to my blog

    Billy Peludo


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