Strata Managers=Money for Nothing 2

It is important that all of us affected both positively and negatively by third party management companies, share our stories. Sharing experiences like Strata Managers and Your Money opens the door for more dialogue. Please visit the link I’ve shared here and comment – either here or on the site- about your experience with property managers and your understanding of their role in your strata asset management.

If you are fortunate to have a good manager please don’t hesitate to share because there are excellent managers out there and they could use the spotlight. Remember the 20/80 rule…..20% do 80% while 80% do 20%.

Thanks Billy for directing me to your blog.


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2 comments on “Strata Managers=Money for Nothing 2
  1. Deryk Norton says:

    Dialogue between strata owners is good but strata owner dialogue with the media and MLAs would be even better. Both parties in the BC legislature seem quite comfortable in ignoring strata owners. This must change for there to be more transparency and accountability for strata managers.


    • stratalife says:

      Yes Advocate I agree with you wholeheartedly on this fact. The more people willing to share their stories here or with you or with other sites like StrataZen will only encourage strata owners to confidently organize and collectively confront the government and foster the media as a tool to that end.
      I’m finally beginning to see some hope that we can make some positive and concrete changes so that the strata lifestyle can be all that it is meant to be. Thanks, as always, for your input.



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