Strata Council Overwhelmed By Its Own Stench

So another AGM has come and gone. Again, the AGM was held in contravention of the 60 day requirement set out in the Strata Property Act. The swamp council does not appreciate limitations on its control so I suppose a second year of disregarding rules is in keeping with the perfidy of the council. But wait….there’s a catch this year.

This year, the usual suspects did not run for Swamp Council. Interesting.

Apparently,the legal suit is going to mediation during or about the second week of July. The council swampers kept the whole legal battle tightly underwraps since work on the project ceased two years ago. The council as a whole misrepresented or simply kept quiet about the situation for all this time. They abused their roles on council and misled the owners so they could create budget expenses and then bleed the operating fund without fanfare. Don’t hurl anything accusatory at the property manager either. Everyone knows the property manager just does what he’s told…..he’s a good dummy er puppet er opportunist.

Some of us were curious about what Council was doing or not doing and tried to get clarification.But of course, unless you are with the Council,you are against the Council. If you are not a fan or supporter from behind closed doors, you are simply not worthy and the important questions get drowned out by the roar of treachery.

With the ringleaders of stupid stepping off council it is a curious thing to consider who will represent the swamp in court. I mean no one knows anything.

Here’s one to ponder considering council members who stepped down. It is best, in their smallish minds -I presume- to remove themselves from the final act at least on the surface. I imagine the three who opted out at “face the music” time are still controlling things quietly. Perhaps though, they may believe they are beyond reproach and the new council will be held accountable to decisions made by previous councils.Maybe, if things don’t see resolution as previous council members assured owners they would, the old volunteer label will be the best way to seek forgiveness.

Another interesting result from this year’s AGM? No owners really wanted to run. It felt like fingernails on a chalkboard waiting for owners to step forward and run for council. For the past four years, the council stacked the nomination field and within two months of the new term,every year, those owners who splayed themselves for the good of the swamp, quietly resigned. Really, it was all about the protection of the triad.

So this year, when owners will be looking at the mistakes made by their wonderful, fabulous, hard-working council of three and considering the financial cost to their tightly protected wallets, the new council, not the old council will be blamed.
In addition, the owners will haughtily disavow knowledge of the antics of the triad, shake their sanctimonious little heads and decry the evils of strata.A whole new era of disinterest will begin.

Me, well this swamp has always stunk of disinterest. The apathy is just breeding with each new owner and the new council will be so focused on washing the pond scum off themselves (once, or even if, they notice it) that they won’t see the larger view. See I can deal with the stench because I know there is a fix – education and persistence. Perhaps once the owners start working towards a freshwater environment, the triad will start starving for a new pond they can sully with their unique form of bacteria and thrive in another location.

Actually, a pond of scum might dress up the entrance to the mountain of garbage at the landfill.It’ll give the greenthumb and her friends a new purpose. It’s a good thing.

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