HST Voters mirror Strata Owners

This is one of those posts!

The evening news reported a story about citizens frustrated they were unable to have their voices heard on the HST referendum. Some people did not receive ballots because the packages were misdirected. Others were miffed because the deadline was strictly enforced and their ballots were not deliverable.


This referendum IS BC politics and has been for a year. The media always has a report or story or commentary about HST. If a citizen didn’t get their voice heard by August 5, 2011, it was their own damn fault.

Procrastination has consequences. Simple as that!

A number of my posts are about voter apathy in a strata. But, this procrastination about the voting on the HST strikes a chord with me.


I do not understand how collective discord is so energetic at its first phase, forces the government to attend to it yet, dissipates at the climatic moment. No wonder people don’t respect government – they don’t respect themselves.

Strata is the same way but a little different.

A strata corporation represented by its council is like a complacent government. Some of the owners can work up frenzied energy about issues like building envelope,bylaw contraventions and bully councils. Generally,the first bursts of energy attract attention. The attention feeds confidence of people and matters get pursued.

The energy wanes though when results aren’t immediate or the two sides of the argument dissolve into personality wars or the issue is sidetracked by personal agendas. Voters and strata owners alike have short attention spans…..until their ambivalence is shocked by urgency or a sense of loss.

Urgency together with a sense of loss encourages panic and fear. Panic and fear bring out the worst in all of us.

In the swamp, owners allow council to manage their money with little or no owner input. Council manipulates this by being vague about specifics and scapegoating those individuals courageously voicing their concerns. At the AGM all you see is self-righteous indignation born of fear, but council soothes and cajoles and intimidates. Council is successful when no one steps forward to effect change or when they fix the nominations so louder voices are squelched.

Owners should always be willing to voice their concerns at about asset management. But when they get their opportunity to speak to the corporation they should do so with facts and integrity and assertiveness. They should never resist opening their mouths for fear of loss;loss like approval of people they generally don’t even know or choose to associate with beyond niceties.

To all BC voters who procrastinated through an opportunity to have their voices heard – SHAME ON YOU. The government spoon fed this to you because you demanded it and then you just forgot about it. You all abdicated your democratic rights.

When your voice is given a platform – USE IT. When you start a movement for change – SEE IT THROUGH. Energy thrives on itself. Positive energy for change made collectively is powerful stuff. Ballots are crucial to that end in our society. Respect the damn process or face the consequences.

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