Why Do Strata Councils Slander Owners?

This is pretty common actually. Sniping at people is a deflection tactic and the powers that be like to deflect especially when they do not have a correct response to an owner concern.

Regular deflecting leads to a position of avoidance over time. Also, if a council chooses to diminish an owner, oftentimes the rest of the ownership will believe the Council because, after all, the Council is the authority.

It is crucial for owners to remember that the Council is only made up their own neighbours for a term.

Bad behaviour and poor leadership should not get a second term especially when the owner being slandered has some valid concerns and questions.Owners must demand explanations when slander rears its ugly head.

Government of any kind is not “fool”-proof. Sometimes governing individuals have exceeded their level of competency prior to their election to council.

A council will be known for its action or inaction.Stooping to slander is indicative of personality conflict that only deflects from the business of managing the asset for all owners.

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One comment on “Why Do Strata Councils Slander Owners?
  1. Accountability advocate says:

    The standard tactic of many strata council members, when faced with dissent or criticism by an owner, is to isolate and vilify that owner. I have seen this over and over again in many strata councils.


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