Strata Love, Strata Hate and Strata Dispute Resolution

I need to get on a first name basis with a song-writer or two. I believe strata life has all the makings for an entire album of emotional highs and lows. The problem of course would be which musical genre to write within about the swamp.

Country would definitely appeal to owners who like to have BBQ tailgate parties with their oversized vehicles illegally parked.

Hip-Hop would more than likely impress owners who have issues with authority and do not believe the strata plan applies to them.

A California Surf tune would inspire the yummy mommy owners who think strata ownership is one big picnic with sippy cups, frozen yogurt treats and plenty of affirmations.

An 80’s recycle would wake up interest in owners that like living isolated from the community believing their silence has no negative effect.

Perhaps Heavy Metal would be the best option for apathetic owners who could use sheer shock value to take part.

Bubblegum music would more than likely generate some excitement for all the owners who worry about perception of others.

Personally, I think the YouTube audience would jump all over a catchy tune with a trending political message. A little YouTube exposure can go a long, long way.

Strata owners would love to hate the focus on their plight. Government would despise the attention. Everyone would talk about “….that damn strata song” especially if it performed by a preferred artist or a reasonably talented unknown. Maybe a minor prodigy would really get tongues wagging.

Sorry for that fanciful digression but it came about while I was humming a tune that talked about love and hate and the whole damn thing. It was catchy. It got me thinking….

An owner falls in love with the idea of ownership – not strata ownership. Once the adrenalin of the purchase wears off and the politics of strata become more clear, distaste and dislike and even hate starts an insidious crawl over all that love in bloom. Too quickly, love and hate have morphed into “the whole damn thing”.

The whole damn thing has, of course, become the great strata wasteland.

Nothing happens in the strata wasteland without a good strata lawyer because owners cannot navigate their way out of it on their own. Oh they try, but it always comes down to resources and a strata corporation has more resources, more often than not, because every owner contributes to the legal fund. Strata corporations have a duty to hire good legal representation.

Problem arises when an individual owner needs good legal representation to fight the corporation. Let’s face it, corporations by nature don’t serve the individual; corporations serve the bottom line. Corrupt corporations or corporations run by control freaks and egomaniacs ( the same thing I guess) will kick into high gear to protect themselves from scrutiny. Scrutiny is an emotionally exhaustive enterprise for an individual owner determined to do it and for the corporation determined to avoid it. Lawyers win negotiating the strata wasteland.

So now the strata wasteland is being given a GPS of sorts…..a dispute resolution process. It’s not for personality politics or trivialities. It is a process for interpreting those sticky legal issues that can be hot buttons for all strata owners.

Misinterpreting a bylaw can create a crack that becomes a sink hole. Failure to respect process can lead to abuse of authority. Disregarding government legislation leads to lawlessness.
Perhaps the creation of a tribunal will send a message to strata owners and their councils that it’s time to play nice in the sandbox and maybe sing a good song or two. It is time for the government to supervise their own legislation. It’s a small step but it is encouraging. It is something and something is definitely better than nothing.

I really need a songwriter and good YouTube handle!

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