Strata Shortbread Cookies From The Government

After reading Mr. Coleman’s recent strata effort I have a purely subjective opinion or two:

It isn’t necessary to give corporations two years to come up with a plan for storage and parking bylaws.

What has the government benefited strata owners if they allow a corporation to avoid a depreciation report with a 3/4 vote?

How is the Form B going to help prospective buyers if the owners vote against a depreciation report?

Seems to me like this is shortbread cookies…looks good, smells good but is a whole lot of empty when it comes to value.

I answered surveys…..I don’t recall indicating passive approach was the best approach. What a disappointment. Who’d the government really consult? Developers?

Insurance companies……WAKE UP and force corporations to provide depreciation reports prior to premiums…..

Just saying…..

New strata property regulations introduced | BC Newsroom.

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One comment on “Strata Shortbread Cookies From The Government
  1. These new regulations are a minor step forward but amount to the government throwing a few crumbs to strata owners while avoiding the most serious issues about BC’s antiquated strata legislation, i.e lack of accountability for strata managers and developers, lack of enforcement of the SPA, lack of assurance of free and fair strata voting at general meetings, etc.


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