First Steps For Strata Dispute Resolution?

So the strata world has another piece of legislation that is onerous and difficult to get through for time. I appreciate it because I enjoy ploughing through this kind of thing. The vast majority of strata owners won’t read it because well, it’s of no interest. Strata owners are more often than not emotional litigators……they seek relief for a perceived wrong, not an education.

In a contentious situation, when tempers and personalities are emotional thermometers for action,sifting through legalities is like rubbing salt in an open wound.

The stepping stones to get a conflict before a tribunal are no different than getting in front of a Supreme Court judge. I suppose the Act encourages the “do it yourself” segment but so does the Strata Property Act. I’m a “do it yourself-er” but I have learned the hard way to accept the fact that lawyers, though expensive, are a necessary evil when up against a bully council or a simply ignorant group of owners playing poker with corporation money, not to mention legal tomes.

Issues like noise and smoking and access may fall under “human rights” headings and will not necessarily fall under the jursidiction of the tribunal so these types of conflicts mayl not get resolution through this process.

No it will all come down to the same old, same old: Politics,pets and personalities and how willing one owner or a group of owners is willing to fight the staus quo.

I want to know how much time and tax-payer money was invested in this bandaid er body of work.

Like the Residential Tenancy Act, the Strata Property Act demands its own branch of government to oversee and supervise the legislation it puts out. Otherwise, in my opinion we are just going around and around and around………

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