Strata Amateurs, Strata Professionals and Strata Twerking

In the wonderful world of strata there are professionals and amateurs. But the line that separates the two can often be rather blurred to a casual observer. Usually, and please forgive the reference, one usually twerks the other and then all hell breaks loose.
I suppose a professionally run strata is obvious. The books are clean. The minutes are transparent. Owners are involved and respectful. The property is well maintained and valuable at resale. Of course, there are professionally run stratas that are a mess of conflict and fiscal mismanagement. Twerking.
Many strata corporations are also twerked by amateurs within their own community who either believe they are professionals or act “as if” so they can  play with the whole plausible denial concept once cornered. Most amateurs are unapologetic for their perceived status. They use it as an excuse which, of course, creates even more blurred lines.
Asset management cannot afford blurred lines between amateurs and professionals. Although the twerking can be momentarily entertaining in a twisted way, ultimately it comes at a price.
There are rules in a strata corporation for many reasons but the most important reason is for the benefit of community. Everyone contributes and everyone benefits. Sometimes little things that don’t seem very important can slow burn until one day there is nothing left for them to do but explode. Then everyone gets burned because, either directly or indirectly, everyone contributed to the spark that lit the  kindling of little things. 
Professionals contribute to igniting little things when they practice misinformation for selfish agendas. Professionals are human too. Professionals add kindling when they are lazy, ambivalent and well, unprofessional. The thing about professional status though? Responsibility and accountability. A good professional twerker will create so much distraction a strata corporation might not see the obvious right away but eventually the act will fall flat. Someone on council or the sidelines will become focused, give their heads a shake and turn off the noise.
Amateurs on council or the sidelines of a strata corporation are a different breed of twerkers. They are almost giddy when they gyrate their logic all over their own. Seriously! Have you ever seen a determined owner persist in their attempt to do something despite disagreement by neighbours and council? Surely you’ve heard the logic, “C’mon we are only amateurs here. No one expects professionalism. Let’s just do it and deal with the consequences later.” The twerking is just so darn compelling when it is so “in your face”. Thoughtful owners hearing it and watching it are usually gobsmacked by the justifications hitting them from all sides.
I’ve written before about strata circle jerks and now I feel compelled to include strata twerking in the strata terminology. It is absolutely fascinating to watch individuals become entranced by something so base as a twerk or a circle jerk they are willing to throw their asset to the crap pile and suffer the stench that follows rot, all the while bemoaning their lack of professional knowledge and skill.
Well here goes nothing for all you amateurs dressed up as professionals and all you professionals behaving like amateurs: it’s your asset and your career-quit blurring the damn lines. Strata corporations by their very nature suffer at the hands of both amateurs and professionals who twerk so hard owners have to grab something for muscle pain and lie down unsatisfied.
Every owner must read a copy of the corporation bylaws presented to them prior to receiving title for the strata unit. Every owner has a duty to familiarize themselves with the legislation that governs their community choice  and try their very best to educate themselves (plug here for Mike Mangan’s, “The Condominium Manual” owner needs to search the internet and research strata living. Every owner needs to participate within the corporation. Every owner needs to discern twerking while it is happening because twerking is neither amateur or professional – it is a short term distraction which will cost money and conflict long term on a highway to strata hell.  
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