How to fight strata bullying | Vancouver 24 hrs

How to fight strata bullying | Vancouver 24 hrs.

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9 comments on “How to fight strata bullying | Vancouver 24 hrs
  1. Advocate says:

    Unfortunately this CHOA column makes no comment on the lack of enforceability of the Strata Property Act and the deplorable discipline standards for strata managers. This appears to many to be typical of CHOA.


    • stratalife says:

      Hey Advocate….good to hear from you as always.CHOA column will resist pointing fingers at the obvious netherworld of strata politics. Fortunately, this has left you and me with a glorious opportunity to mine.Keep at it and thank you for doing so!


  2. Advocate says:

    Actually there is more to it than “strata politics”. It is CHOA acting as the condo arm of the real estate industry.


    • stratalife says:

      This a fair statement of course Advocate. The problem with strata is and always will be apathetic owners together with owners who fight and fight and fight without reason. C.H.O.A, in my opinion, is the only condo advocate that apathy and lack of reason will adequately support because apathy and lack of reason never, ever go beyond the obvious. Your association fights hard but is not as much of a media darling as C.H.O.A. The reasons for that are obvious to me and are to be lauded.Many strata owners resent me because they believe I’m just mean-spirited.So be it…truth hurts ignorance and naivety. I’m equal parts a fan and a critic of C.H.O.A. I believe genuinely C.H.O.A is structured upon the best of intentions for all of us in the wonderful, wacky world of strata politics….but make no mistake…..we are all playing strata politics. Finally, it’s the real estate industry Advocate – c’mon, it’s all about power and greed:)


      • Advocate says:

        If CHOA is doing advocacy there is no evidence of it on the CHOA website. The word is used on that website but it links to nothing.


      • stratalife says:

        I think we pick up the slack quite nicely. First and foremost it has to be about helping each other. C.H.O.A. serves a need in a very wide channel. So do we. I don’t believe C.H.O.A. is the end all be all but it is a river enthusiast and should not be discounted. Our boats carry much weight which also should not be discounted. By adjusting our course, we only become better at plotting our navigation. To do anything else ensures fighting a current. Then we are adrift in a current that pulls us away from our focus and we are left helpless while the government celebrates on the shore.


      • dsbond says:

        I agree with you, I’m equal parts a fan and a critic of CHOA. It definitely fills a need, and for that I am grateful. Unfortunately, from what I have seen CHOA’s actions support the status quo more than reform. Owner apathy is a sad reflection of the court’s deference to strata corporations, without regard to the impact of complicity in the real estate, strata agency, construction, legal, and political industries, all of which profit and sustain their power from corrupt acts with impunity.


  3. Advocate says:

    The silence of CHOA in advocacy for strata owners (not to be confused with advocacy for the real estate industry) is a major obstacle to progressive change in strata legislation. Politicians on both sides of the legislature, as well as the media, interpret CHOA’s silence as consent to the status quo.


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