Scandal, Slander and StrataGate

I am fortunate to know some real stellar strata people. These people work very hard to promote the interests of strata owners every day, all day in many ways. Often, they are only as valuable as the immediate crisis a strata owner will be in and yet they keep on keeping on through all the scandal and slander that make up strata life. I call the whole mess “StrataGate” and I believe it is a label that should stick!

Living in a strata is a microcosm of our larger society. It has all the politics, bureaucracies, special interests,business, and crime of our larger communities. What is interesting of course is that most strata owners don’t see it this way; it is interesting that strata lawyers, association leaders, property managers and land developers do have 20/20 vision. As with anything, opportunity is a magnet for exploitation and really needs to be a forethought in any strata dealings. In other words, don’t be blind.

Blindness is not one of my preferences. I hate sunglasses because I believe I miss clarity! My perception of things can be a little different in the spotlight.

I believe you can’t have enough strata information for strata owners. Despite all the glowing rhetoric about development in the real estate market, really, we are just developing future slums where there will be little to embrace beyond location if we are unwilling to educate ourselves about our assets and how those assets work collectively. In order to write a column, newspaper editors want clean facts nothing that should remain buried within heaps of dirty laundry — who likes dirty laundry?? Well, actually, we all have it and deal with it every day. How can strata owners learn if not through the mistakes of other people?

Mistakes I have learned I have learned the hard way. Subsequently, I chose this blog forum to address some of my own conundrums  as well as those experienced by others. Many strata owners have thin skins and don’t like to look in the mirror so my blog represents characters created from a variety of people: Owners, property managers, realtors,and lawyers from far and wide. I also write under a pseudonym which angers  a number of folks. However, by writing the blog anonymously, people see themselves without having to out themselves and sometimes can gain some insight and solutions from the issues addressed while at the same time, be more willing to contribute to the conversation.As soon as you stick a name on things, I find people spend more time judging than learning!

Finally, we all have to stick together. It is not my intention to hurt specific people so I create characters. I had to learn through tedious research after being bullied and browbeaten for questioning the status quo. If we build a sense of community we can really enjoy living in the strata world. We share, we learn, we develop strength so all of our links are strong. We leave scandal and slander on the doorstep but we can use it to make a better microcosm that maybe our larger society will learn from and then we can take a deep breath in and admire the view from behind a new kind of “StrataGate” label that just might stick!



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