Strata101 is a blog designed to share information about living in a strata corporation. Hopefully it will become a space where owners, council members, managers, realtors and associations will feel free to comment and share their opinions.

I have served on the Council at various times over the last seven years in my strata corporation. I know what it is like to work with property managers and without them. I know what it is like to deal with a terrific group of Council members and the not so terrific ones. I know what it is like to be isolated within a small community and I know how rewarding looking out for the best interests of  everyone within that same small community can be.

I believe sharing my journey with the blogsphere will be fun and helpful for everyone who visits Strata101.

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  1. adminsmit says:

    Just thought people might like to know that our strata company is solidly committed to our clients and we run Easy Strata Living seminars based on the information from the Office Of Fair Trading every month at The Manly Community Centre in Wentworth Street.
    Knowledge is power and strata management isn’t that complicated but owners and committee do need help to know what the procedures, responsibilities and parameters are.
    Everyone – client or non clients are welcome – owners, exec committees, investors.
    Call 1300 997905 to book in.
    Also any strata queries from Sydney and New South Wales – would be happy to refer/link to right info.


  2. Johnny Stork says:

    I am about to draft and then submit, a final proposal to our strata council to see if they have any interest in resolving our long dispute. I have updated a web site I had originally created and then offered to donate and maintain, along with the other services, to be a resource for owners who would like to get involved.

    I intend to post the entire proposal/offer as well and would be grateful for any comments you might have, or would even like to add, to the site.

    Recall that this dispute started with various safety, contractor, legal and privacy issues last year which are still unresolved although a formal privacy complaint was filed and an investigation started.

    Cheers 🙂

    I am sincerely hoping I can finally put an end to this and of course, to have the many serious issued addressed.



  3. Mike Northern says:

    Hi there. Just need some advice from anyone who will listen! Last year i moved into a strata townhouse complex in Chilliwack, and a couple months later it was passed that Vehicles cannot extend past the end of their driveways. I am a foot over with all my wheels on the driveway, and my work vehicle is full of tools and equipment that i rely on to make a living. Insuring the tools in my truck will cost me hundreds of dollars a month. All large vehicles now have to park outside the complex (which crowds the street and park, where a large amount of kids gather all day long). The owner of my unit has recently given me letters adressed to him which state that i am in violation of the by-law and are fining me $50 every week until my truck is moved. If not they will tow MY VEHICLE out of MY DRIVEWAY. Many other people in my strata are also not inpressed with this rule, however they will not re-visit the issue. I would say about halk of all cars in the units hang over the driveway as they are incredibly short, however i believe i am the only one who has been fined and threatened. Î have pictures of other vehicles parked over the line but mine sticks out a little further.

    Any advice?


  4. Lisa McWiiliams says:

    Love this blog! My husband and I and 2 of our neighbours are currently in litigation with our complex. It started some years ago of course but last year we brought a petition before the Supreme Court of BC that was dismissed. We were trying to prove that our council could not be trusted to control a drainage job we were embarking on as they were not interested in hiring an engineer. Finally at the last hour they stated they would do the already approved scope of work and have an engineer attend when the ground was opened up and “if that engineer is of the opinion that more work is needed we will undertake to do that work”. So the Petition was dismissed.

    Three days after the verdict came in the council delivered a notice to owners that they had to find another contractor. They hired a guy who was of the opinion that the previous scope of work was unnecessary so they ended up digging down in 2 spots and putting sealant on. They didn’t touch the drainage at all. One unit is still leaking. There’s no engineering report, no financial reports have been provided, no reports of any kind from the so called professionals at all. According to the city no permit for drainage work has been applied for (in this case it is required as the city has been involved). There was also no SGM so a resolution to change the scope of work could be considered.

    So anyway, there are too many details to go into but we have filed an action in Supreme Court alleging mismanagement and a whole manner of things. Not sure if I can provide details here but can do if anyone’s interested.


    • stratalife says:

      Thanks for reading my blog and leaving your story. I would love the details of your situation. You can send them directly to my email if you’d prefer: strataqueen@gmail.com.

      I have tremendous appreciation and respect for your efforts. I’m doubly impressed and inspired by your tenacity in fighting a council so bent on ignoring its mandate – the maintenance of the common property.

      Readers of the blog, I know, will feel the same way. We all learn from each other so we’ll look forward to updates.

      Cheers and thank you for your support,


  5. Ken North says:

    Great Site! I came across your site after searching for examples of how to start such a site for my self as I am frustrated to no end by my council and wanted to bring awarness of their actions to social media.
    Here’s my issue:
    My Strata Council has an issue with a easement access to a strata controlled roadway and want it changed. They decided to landscape the easement are so that the owner of the lot with the easement access cannot access their lot.
    Wait it gets better; when the owner requested a meeting to discuss they ignored him and then threatened to sue him with trespass if he altered the landscaping in any way. The owner brought a civil suit against the Strata Corp. to restore his legal access right. The council then increased the amount allocated to legal fees in the budget by $16,000 ($2,000 to $18,000) in order to pay for a defence which is focused on getting the historical easement agreement reversed. None of this was put forward to a 3/4 vote, the budget was approved however I contend that rule s.97(a) still applies because Council knew that the legal fees are not an ordinary expense and legally approval to spend Strata money on legal fees requires a 3/4 vote.
    Not to mention that the decision to challenge the easement agreement was never put forward to a vote so in essence they are acting on their personal interests not those of the majority of members becasue the members were never provided an opportunity to vote.
    I think a reasonable person would agree that the issue needs to be put forward to a general vote, what do you think? I have sent Strata several letters requesting that they cease any further expenditures until a vote has been held but all of my letters have been ignored without a response.


  6. Elise Vanderveen says:

    Your site has been tremendously helpful to me. I have been reading and educating myself for a year now about all things strata. It was such a relief to know I am not alone and I could identify with your struggles as mine are very similar to yours. I live in a townhouse in Surrey and have lived there 22 years. I now know that the strata council has been corrupt for many many years but in 2014 they overstepped and fined 8 owners without benefit of the due process set out in the strata property act. I was one of them. Prior to this for many years me and my family had been harassed by two of the constantly elected council members. They consistently broke our bylaws but sent me letters about bylaw infractions these council members were breaking. I have had eggs thrown at my windows. Nails placed under my car tires. Dog feces has been placed on my door. One of my harassing neighbors swept all her leaves from her unit and swept them onto mine. I was offered use of a second parking spot and then without talking to me called a tow truck and when asked why was insulted and sworn at. My cat was interfered with and eventually had to be euthanized. I have been verbally harassed in front of my unit and in my backyard. I have been harassed on common property. One lady even approached my 10 year old on common property about pet bylaws. She came in crying. Once I made a complaint about the illegal fining they upheld the illegal fine which instigated me going door to door and informing my neighbors that council issued illegal fines and that in retaliation one of the council members (one of my harassing neighbors) attempted to video tape inside my home from the back yard. I contacted everyone. The police. The Mayor. The Minister of Housing. The council. The Privacy Commissioners office. A lawyer. At the AGM in December the council changed all but one. The one who video taped inside my home. Needless to say as of this date my issues have not been dealt with. The harassment has continued. I called the police again. The police although admitted it was illegal to harass needed more evidence and told me it was a council issue. I documented everything.

    Of course because they do not follow the strata property act they have been helping themselves to strata funds illegally. The property manager is completely in on it as well. The council went over budget by over $6000 however nothing was done that required emergency money. They spent part of that money paying the president of the council $25 a week to pick up garbage however no garbage was picked up. That $1300 a year expense was not included in the budget approved for 2014. They spent a lot of money on a path directly beside my unit so they could have a nicer walk to my backyard to video tape inside my home without the owners approval. The property agent strategies on how to cover up for our corrupt council. So much ignored correspondence. My ignored correspondence? I accused the property manager of not forwarding all my correspondence to the council because nothing made it into the minutes therefore there is no record that it was even read. Council shenanigans, I have seen a few.

    Is it important for strata owners to get involved and try to change this ridiculous situation. I have been told to sell and move. I cannot however imagine how that would be possible. Who would I sell it to? It is not so tough to correct. I am so angry. I cannot nor will I stop. I can not help myself.

    Thank you for writing about this issue. Persistence is not easy. You are a warrior and a hero.


    • stratalife says:

      It takes a warrior and a hero to know one. Bullies and miscreants eventually are undone by their own karma. YOU are not alone. I admire and respect your courage and tenacity. Paper trail,Paper trail and Paper Trail. Keep me in the know and THANK YOU for reading my blog. It serves owners like yourself…..next blog will be for you.


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